Lorin Farr Pool

Is closed until Memorial Weekend 2017

Open swim hours:  Monday-Saturday 12:00pm to 6:00pm  |  Sunday 1:00pm to 6:00pm 

Lorin Farr Pool

Daily Passes

  • All day/all area (4yrs and up): $3.00
  • Toddlers (Under 4 years): Free
  • Spectator (not swimming): $1.00

Season Passes

  • Individual: $40
  • Family: $100*
    *Includes only immediate family members residing at the same address

Punch Passes

  • 5 Punches: $13
  • 10 Punches: $25

Find out about renting the pool for birthday parties and other events!   click here

Swimming Lessons $30 per session
Swimming lessons are available in 4  two week sessions with 6 skill levels.

  • Parent & Child: For children 6mo - 3yrs. *Parent/guardian required to attend and participate*
  • Level 1:  Water Exploration–Enter/exit; submerge face, blow bubbles; float; kick; water safety
  • Level 2:  Primary Skills–Submerge/retrieve objects; float; flutter kick; combine stroke-front & back
  • Level 3: Stroke Readiness–Build on Level 2 skills; front/ back crawl; elementary back stroke; tread water; sitting dive
  • Level 4: Stroke Development–Build on Level 3 skills; introduce breaststroke/sidestroke/turns; standing dive
  • Level 5/6: Stroke Refinement–Combine/refine all strokes; introduce butterfly, open turns; dive from diving  board; first-aid skills. Skill Proficiency–Polish skills; increase endurance; rescue skills; spring board dives; first-aid skill