Swim Lessons

Marshall White Center Lessons available during spring and fall.

Lorin Farr Pool Lessons available during the summer. 


Swimming Lessons
Schedules will vary, please go to the registration link for details. 

Cost: $30 per session

Parent / Child:  For children 6 mo - 3 yrs. Parent participation required.
Level 1: Water Exploration- Enter/exit; submerge face, blow bubbles, float, kick, and water safety.
Level 2: Primary Skills - Submerge/retrieve objects, float, flutter kick, combine stroke-front & back.
Level 3: Stroke Readiness - Build on Level 2 skills; front/back crawl, elementary back stroke, tread water, sitting dive.
Level 4: Stroke Development - Build on Level 3 skills; introduce breaststroke/sidestroke/turns, standing dive.
Level 5: Stroke Refinement - Combine/refine all strokes, introduce butterfly, open turns, dive from diving board, first-aid skills.
Level 6: Skill Proficiency - Polish skills, increase endurance, rescue skills, spring board dives, first-aid skills.